How do I book a show at Sacred Grounds?

Contact us HERE

Can I play cover songs?

NO! This is an ORIGINAL WORKS VENUE!  WE are here to encourage and empower you to CREATE YOUR OWN! 

Do you pay artists? 

We are not in a financial situation to pay artists.  However, we offer you the opportunity for people to give you donations and you can sell your own cds and merchandise. By advertising your show, the opportunities for donations and merchandise sales increase!

Do I need to bring my own PA equipment?  Do you have a dedicated sound person?

We have a PA, mics, speakers and cords.  If you require a special pedal or something particular to your instrument, then you need to bring it.  No we don’t have a dedicated sound person.  However, there are people here to help you get the sound just right!

What time do shows usually begin?  

Usually 9p, but sometimes 8p.  It depends on how many acts we have in a line up.

Do you have a list of local media contacts to help me advertise my show?

YES!  We already have a compiled list that we are happy to give you.  Both of us advertising helps bring more people out to your show!  Please send us flyers for your show and a sample cd.  By sending us these promotional materials and playing at Sacred Grounds, you are giving us express permission to HELP YOU get exposure.  You also consent to waive any obligations to copyrighted organizational representation.

What is the capacity of Sacred Grounds?

Approximately 75.

What genres are welcome at Sacred Grounds?

We typically cater to folk, rock and pop music, but we consider all music genres.  Send in a booking request and we will get back to you!