Are you vegetarian/vegan friendly?

YES!  Most of our dishes are vegetarian and some are vegan.  We offer non gmo soy and almond milk alternatives.  Our regular milk does not contain any bovine growth hormones.  We use local and organic as much as possible.

What are the prices like?

Our prices are competitive with quality, slow food movement, independent establishments.  Our products do not contain high fructose corn syrup, gmo and we try to serve as much organic products that are economically feasible.

Are all ages welcome?

YES!  All ages, walks of life.  This is considered a safe haven for all who need it.

Is there a cover charge for shows?

Generally, NO.   However, depending on the show, there might be a minimal cover charge.  Please check the calendar for specific shows.

Do you have art gallery space?

Yes.  Contact us HERE

Do you sell alcoholic beverages?

No, not at this time.

Are you related to a church?  Is this a religious affiliation?

NO.  We welcome everyone.  Our religion is LOVE and RESPECT.

Who are those great people behind the bar and behind the scenes at Sacred Grounds?

WE are ALL VOLUNTEERS that are PASSIONATE about ARTS, COMMUNITY and MAINTAINING SACRED SPACE!  If you appreciate the space that has been created and you appreciate your drinks and food, PLEASE TIP YOUR BARISTA!  This contributes to their welfare.  There are other donation jars available for improvements and animal rescue.  Share the good Karma!

Are pets welcome?

If you have a well behaved pet, we have an outside seating area for you and your pet.  You must stay with your pet.

Do you allow smoking?

Not inside, but we do have a smoking section that is located outside.