Sacred Spotlight: Sarah Morey

Sarah Morey

Photo of Sarah Morey

When I was younger, and even now, one of my favorite historical figures was Saint Joan of Arc. As a teenager, with all of the angst and self-esteem issues that comes with that phase of life, it gave me great hope and admiration that someone at such a young age could wage war and lead an army to do many successful battles. It’s not the 15th Century anymore (thank goodness), and music has taken many of our interests much more strongly. And in the music world, I believe a new heroine is rising to wage war against mediocrity and the stigma that young people just don’t have what it takes to be great. And that champion is none other than Sarah Morey.

Sarah,  sixteen years of age, is leading the charge all around the Tampa Bay area with a musical sound that reminds me a lot of the early days of Taylor Swift. That sounds like a rave review, but it was the first thing that came to mind when I first heard Sarah play at a Sacred Grounds Open Mic! Her style could most definitely be classified as country, but has an also noticeable pop-esque splash. I think that affirms my analogy, but this rising star is a powerhouse in her own right.

“But James,” you may be thinking to yourself now, “she’s only sixteen, how great can she really be? Kids these days don’t really know what they’re doing.” Oh, shut up, you random and hypothetical commenter! Sarah has been studying music since she was five years old, learning piano and, two years later, began experimenting with songwriting and guitar playing. Since then, her talents has extrapolated and she has written “hundreds of songs to date.”

It’s really within the past few years that her ascent has truly begun. Last summer, about a year ago, Sarah was selected to participate in the GRAMMY camp in Nashville, Tennessee and her already blossoming expertise was tempered by the lessons from leading mentors in the industry. Later on in 2015, Sarah won 2nd place in the WiLD 94.1 Tampa Bay Talent Search. Today, she plays venues all around the Bay Area, all of which would be too numerous to transcribe here, but you can find a calendar list of her performances here.

With all of these accomplishments, and no doubt many more in the future, we are proud to have Sarah Morey be a part of our Sacred Grounds family. She has been gracing our stage for almost a year now and made it one of the first open mics she played in Tampa Bay. As soon as she finished her first song, we knew she was incredibly talented and she’s been playing one or two shows a month now. And, according to her, Sacred Grounds has helped her evolve as an artist as well, being a “huge help to [her] and [her] career” and “everyone there has helped [her] so much and has been really supportive.” To her, Sacred Grounds “kind of feels like a second home” and we certainly consider her a blessed part of our family!


If you’re not convinced of her talent yet and aren’t ready to run on over to Sacred Grounds to hear her perform, then just hold on to your headphones because we haven’t even gotten to the best part: the music.

When it comes to the lyrical composition of her music, Sarah certainly seems to have a passion for songwriting and derives inspiration from almost anything, including the recurring theme of love songs in her work. This aspect of her growing portfolio of music comes mainly from her “friends or just stories that [she] hears from other people” and told in the first person. Sarah loves to write songs that “people will be able to connect with and relate to.” But then, sometimes inspiration just strikes and she needs to write about “a feeling that’s built up over time or something that happened.” Whatever the medium, the passion and thought put into her words are undeniable.

Her voice too really accentuates the level of passion she feels for her art. I could use cliché words like “beautiful” or “angelic,” but they would all just feel not up to snuff. I will say however that the level of skill and training that Sarah has put into her vocals is gloriously apparent. Don’t take my word for it though; check her out yourself!

Right off the bat, I would recommend her original song “Vintage Cream Soda,” partially because it is an awesome song, partially because it is going to be featured on her upcoming EP, and partially because it is actually inspired in part by an actual drink sold at Sacred Grounds Coffee (and more?) House. It’s also no secret that “Secret” is a relatively new and much more than relatively killer song. Of course, Sarah puts out new song videos, including a handful of covers, rather consistently, so feel free to check out her Youtube channel for all of the latest.

So what’s next for Sarah Morey, the proverbial rising star? Well, rumor has it that she is currently working on a fresh EP that should be coming out later this summer. Actually, it’s no rumor at all (sure does add dramatic effect though); it’s happening! In fact, she’s wrapping up the recording of said album over at the Hideaway Recording Studio in St. Petersburg as we speak. Want to get ahead of the curve and pre-order said EP, while subsequently supporting her cause in the process? Well, then look no further than here.

I’ve said it before, but I can’t say it enough, we at Sacred Grounds are proud to have Sarah Morey a staple on our stage and beloved in our hearts. We love supporting all local artists at all stages of their careers and wish Sarah, and all other young artists, the very best moving forward. Encouraging the young (and the old) to create such art and music is the future of our country and our world and, with Sarah Morey on the frontlines, the future is looking bright. Until next time, everyone, stay creative and stay in touch!