Life Amplified: CAFFEINATED!

Life Amplified flier

Music begins in the heart but is played through the soul.  On Saturday, 3/19, join us for a music experience like you have never heard or felt before.  Life Amplified is a 100% volunteer spoken work and talent showcase. What can be better than that you ask? LIFE AMPLIFIED: CAFFEINATED! 

Sacred Ground Coffee House was born on November 11th, 1996 from the brain of Karen Lowman. Sacred has been maintained by Karen, along with amazing volunteers, for the past twenty years!!

Sacred Grounds does not only serve a variety of food and coffee that will transport you to an almost spiritual realm, but as an original music venue that is committed to providing a safe, friendly, positive environment for all who are open minded and accepting of all ways of life. If you have never met the owner, Karen, you are missing out.  Karen is a one of a kind individual that will have you feeling like family before you can say, “Double Shot Almond Joy, hot, with whipped cream.”  Yes, that is one of the drinks she creates there. I know, I know…what are you waiting for?

Producer, Deb Kelley

Deb Kelley, founder of TheWriteOne Creative Services, founded Life Amplified in 2012, hosting the first showcase in January 2013.  Each showcase selects a timely platform/theme and donates a portion of the proceeds from each event to worthy charities. 

At the second showcase, Kelley met James Geiger, an avid photographer and social media guru.  Geiger has volunteered for Kelley numerous times, photographing her showcases.  He eventually asked her if she’d consider doing one for Sacred Grounds Coffee House, and without hesitation, she said yes!

Amazing is the only word that can describe the talent secured by Kelley (producer extraordinaire) and Geiger (everything else extraordinaire) for this event.  This time, Life Amplified has lined up ten of the best local artists in the area including hip hop artists, poets, comedians, actors, and improvisers!  We are fortunate to have Carlos Hernandez, Becca Childs, Introvert, Beau Bostic, The Cruz Brothers, Dennis Amadeus, KathySings4U, Andrea Assaf,  and Sarah Morey as a part of Life Amplified: CAFFEINATED.  This event will be hosted by none other than Ryan Oreskovich, the host WMNF’s Musician’s Wanted.

Proceeds from the night will go directly towards Sacred Grounds, with a portion going to Post Dinner Conversation (our in house improv group).  The cost of this show is only $10, and can be purchased HERE

Where else can you experience the best talent, food and coffee that Florida (dare I say the world) has to offer for only $10? What else are you going to do with that crisp $10 bill in your pocket? Get a boring Quesalupa from Taco Bill and ponder the poor decision you just made for the rest of the night? No, we care for you too much to allow that to happen.  Not only will you treat yourself to a one-of-a-kind experience, you will be supporting your community. 

Life Amplified has benefited such recipients as: Casey’s Healing Hooves, Carrollwood Players Theatre, Equusolutions, Animal Coalition of Tampa, Bricks for the Brave (childhood cancer), Crisis Center: Take Back the Night (sexual violence prevention), K-9s for Veterans (PTSD) and Teen Edge Be You Camp (bully prevention).