Welcome to the NEW website!

Hey all!

James Geiger here!  For Sacred Grounds' 20th anniversary, I wanted to breathe new life into our website.  We are now using Squarespace, which gives us the ability to do more awesome things!  This website is extremely interactive!!  Let's explain the new, cool features.....

Announcement bar (At the top of every page) - We will be updating it nightly, so it always shows what's going on the following night.  Also, occasionally, you MIGHT see deals/discounts there from time to time!

Mobile Info bar - If on mobile, you will see four buttons near the bottom of the screen.  They'll let you: call us, email us, see our hours, and give you a map!

Footer - We have an integrated search on our site now!!  Also, you are able to sign up for our newsletter!  

Blog - We have a few bloggers lined up to provide weekly content about what's happening at Sacred Grounds AND in the Tampa community!

Calendar - This is by far my favorite feature!!  It's a very visual calendar.  Each event has its own event page.  For example, if it's a concert, you'll get to see video and decide if you want to come. 

Media - See our twitter and instagram feeds!  Also, want to see what Sacred Grounds looked like in 2005?  Take a look at our photo vault, and travel down memory lane with us!

I put my heart and soul into every little detail of this site, I hope it shows!!  If you have any website issues, use the contact form and I'll respond ASAP.  Interact, look around, and have fun here, we'll be switching up content regularly!

James Geiger