The Pheonix, by Pete Botto

One of our regular customers, Pete Botto, wrote this incredible piece about the story of the Phoenix and how it relates to Sacred Grounds Coffee House! We love you, Pete!

     The Phoenix is a very unique, rare bird that dates back to the Ancient Greeks.  It is believed that the Phoenix has a strong connection to the sun. In the event of its death, the Phoenix is reborn from its ashes. This story is one that has never been told before….

     The Phoenix perched upon the peak of Oros. Although majestic, it was lonely and weary as its life consisted of being either shunned for not being like the other birds of Olympus or it was hunted for its one-of-a-kind renewal abilities.

     The pain of being “different” was too much for the Phoenix to bear. “I no longer wish to live my life as an outcast. I am going to leave this cold and destitute place and find a home where I belong”.

     The Phoenix spent the next couple years traveling the world. Every place was different, yet oddly the same.  It seems the nations of the world were unwilling to accept the Phoenix.  Exhausted, the Phoenix realized perhaps the only solace it would find would be in a home of its own creation. 

     After much travel, the Phoenix found a desolate location in Tampa, Florida.  Knowing, as soon as the masses found the location, its life would be no different than before, she created a protective, sacred dome around her. 

     Time went by and, although at Peace, the pull of the sun began calling to her.  She thought, “I am a one of a kind, majestic being. Why should I be hidden here alone?”.  Therefore, the Phoenix spread her wings and soared to the sun.  However, an odd feeling overcame her. She felt as though, not only was she leaving her home, she was leaving her heart behind.  Confused, she turned back towards her dome. 

Phoenix art by Lem Le Nid

Phoenix art by Lem Le Nid

     As the sign of her home, “Sacred Grounds”, came into view, the Phoenix was astonished to see she was no longer alone.  Inside the dome there were now hundreds of other birds- each as unique in their own way as the Phoenix.  Amongst them, there was a Red-Crowned Crane, a Magpie-Robin, a Giant Ibis, a Common Raven, a Peacock, a Chukar Partridge and even a Dodo Bird.  Confounded, the Phoenix landed amongst them.  She asked, “How did you find my sacred location?”.  Their reply came in unison, “In feeling excluded, you not only made a safe haven for yourself, you created a sanctuary for all those who felt ostracized as well. We felt the pull of your love and acceptance”. Overwhelmed, the Phoenix realized she was finally home.

     So from the Dodo bird to the Phoenix, “Thank you, Karen, for providing us with a safe haven that allows us to extend our wings and fly”. 

Love you Karen,